Christoph Spangenberg plays



Hard Facts

“in it’s simplicity lies an incredible energy”

Genre: Grunge finds Jazz meets Classic

Band-Members: 01

Travel-Crew: mostly just 01, depending TechSupport max. 02

Channels: acoustic piano

Show-Duration: flexible, from 15min to 75min




Grunge and Jazz – does that even go together? This rough, unsliced, at most simple rock-style of the 90s, as an improvised virtuosic play?

Of course, it does! Because in it’s simplicity lies an incredible energy. Pianist Christoph Spangenberg harnesses this energy – and faces up to the challenge of the legendary album Nevermind by Nirvana, resulting in a stunning outcome.”

(Source: , Thomas Kölsch, 26.08.2016)


“[…] Pianist Christoph Spangenberg continues to surprise and delight his listeners when he presents the songs instrumentally on the piano, in the well-attended Kieler KulturForum. During his opener “Come As You Are” on the grand piano, the emotional depth he is able to elicit from the music becomes clear.

At the time, Kurt Cobain used anger as his main form of musical interpretation, Spangenberg, on the contrary, decelerates the anger into a sad beauty, bringing the tragedy slowly to light.”

(Source: , Björn Schaller, 05.2016; translated)



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