EAN GOLDEN – 2018 IN EUROPE  > 21MAY – 10JUN <

13MAY – DJ-Workshop – BPM-College – Tel-Aviv

24MAY – Ecstatic Dance – FMP1 – Berlin

29MAY – Ecstatic Dance – Club Lite – Amsterdam

30MAY – RadioShow – AMW.fm – Amsterdam

31MAY – DJ-Workshop – CLUB8 – Amsterdam

01JUN  – ClubGig – UNDRGRND – Amsterdam

08JUN – ClubGig – KaterHolzig (AcidBogen) – Berlin


Hard Facts

“Ean Golden is a San Francisco based DJ, controllerist, designer of DJ equipment, and founder of the digital DJ blog, DJ TechTools.

Genre: house, deep-house, dub-step, ecstatic dance

Band-Members: 01

Travel-Crew: 01

Channels: 02

Show-Duration: flexible, from 30min to 180min



Ean Golden has long been celebrated as a “DJ’s DJ” – a champion of mixing style, technique and knowledge. His leadership and legacy of technological advances earned him a reputation as one of electronic music’s most unique and respected underground names.

Ean began DJing in the mid 90’s in the emerging trance/rave scene and picked up deep house at the early age of 17. He quickly achieved success, touring the world from his home base in San Francisco throughout the early 2000’s.

When the laptop revolution began around 2002, Ean was among the first to embrace the shift and pioneered new forms of innovation in his beloved art form. Throughout the past 10 years, he has focused on taking his experience on stage to develop the next generation of tools that would shape the landscape of DJing forever. Along with designing some of the most widely used DJ controllers in the world, popularizing the art of “controllerism”, and racking up over 20 million YouTube views in the process, Ean felt called to build DJTechTools.com – the world’s #1 tech blog covering dance music technology with a mission to inspire and teach the next generation.

Today, Ean has turned his attention back to the art of creating music and inspiring the world through live performances and an authentic creative process.


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