At OWONO TALENTS we represent international ARTISTS and ACTORS for feature films, TV shows, commercials and image films.

Our COACHING STUDIO specialises in preparing actors and artists for auditions, performances and improving their acting skills. We offer coaching sessions, workshops and courses to develop and professionalise each artist’s skills.

We proudly present our Owono Talents to your productions, bringing unique inspiration and passion! Our Talents all come with a unique SKILLSET! We do not choose by race, beauty, gender, or body mass; we seek energetic performances and style through charisma, talents & skills!

Our talents are coached in-house, preparing them for their auditions and on-camera performances. We strive to create a supportive and empowering environment where artists can thrive and make their mark in the industry. Let us bring exceptional talents to your projects!

Coaching – Acting, Balance, Focus

At Owono Talents, we understand the importance of continuous growth and development. That’s why we offer a range of coaching services designed to enhance the skills and abilities of our talents and external industry Artists. Our experienced coaches guide the coachees through acting techniques, embodiment exercises, vision work, emotional balance, focus, and auditioning preparations.

We believe in supporting and nourishing our talents’ creativity, vision, and balance to give great performances, behave professionally and respectfully on set, and combine their special skills with great camera performances!

Denise Owono – Agent, Coach & Content Creation

Denise Owono, actress, on-camera coach, teacher of the Meisner Technique, casting agent, producer, and embodiment coach, is at the heart of Owono Talents. Her multifaceted experiencesand expertise bring valuable insight to our agency. Denise’s passion lies in empowering individual talents, helping them tap into their inner power, and developing the skills necessary for success in their artistic careers on and off the screen. Her guidance and mentorship are instrumental in shaping the journeys of our talents, enabling them to flourish and reach their fullpotential.

Manuel Owono – Business & Management

Manuel Owono enriches the agency with his 20 years of experience as an artist- and project manager. His background ensures that all internal and external processes run smoothly. Manuel assures our clients that each project we are involved in gets the deserved attention and needed resources. Additionally, Owono Talents is profiting from his broad network of artists on the one side and creative service providers on the other.