Acting – Balance – Focus

At Owono Talents, we understand the importance of continuous growth and development. We believe in supporting and nourishing our talents’ creativity, vision, and balance to give great performances, behave professionally and respectfully on set, and combine their special skills with great camera performances!

We offer a range of coaching services designed to enhance the skills and abilities of our talents, as well as for externaly interested persons. Our experienced coaches guide the coachees through acting techniques, embodiment exercises, vision work, emotional balance, focus, and auditioning preparations.

Coaching Programs


Whether to find your emotional balance, strengthen your public persona, work out an upcoming presentation / audition, or find your vision! The One:One brings you into your power and gives you the skills to take you on your journey.

Casting Workshop

This workshop will improve your self-tapes and presence during live auditions. You will know how to use your energy and creativity to transform the requests into your performance quickly! Perfect for New Faces and professional actors likewise.

Meisner & Embodiment

This Workshop will introduce you to the world of Meisner and Embodiment. We will develop a common language for actors and directors to adapt these experiences into authentic and emotionally involving scene work. You will create an incredible performance!

Group Sessions

In 2 weeks, four sessions á 1h each, we will work out your vision and the next clear action steps. You will bring your charisma in everyday life and front of the camera to the next level. It’s a quick energy-boost program!

Female Uplifting

We accompany you individually over eight weeks to find your feminine power and sensuality. You will learn to set boundaries and enjoy your female flow. A transformation for you as a woman, lover, and mother.


Our work brings you into your power, releases blockages, and gives you the skills to move forward.

Casting preparation

Preparation and feedback. Finding and strengthening your own attitude, personality and focus. Your performance with your own signature.

Acting Coaching

How do you take your performance to the next level? Authentic, engaging and at the same time in healthy balance with your energy.

OnSet (Ensemble) Coaching

Your actors must have on-set support to deliver the best possible performance? Your ensemble should find each other to portray the relationships credibly in front of the camera?

Emotional Balance

How do you allow the big feelings on stage and manage to find the emotional balance in your private life at the same time?

Directing Guide

How do you work successfully and purposefully with your actors as a director? Ideal communication and activation of their impulses and inner images.

Artist Management

You want to support your artists to find and strengthen themselves and their public role? You wish to work out the unique selling proposition and authenticity?


How do I activate my energy and make my performance independent of other impressions (everyday life / moments before / stressful situations)? How do I bring my system back down and thus ensure long-term emotional balance?

Sensuality & Embodiment

Create space for yourself, be on point at work, ignite sensuality in your partnership and enjoy your children with a free mind and an open heart. Female Uplifting & Joyful Motherhood.

Presentation & Pitching

You have an important event, a presentation, a possible turning point ahead of you and want to prepare yourself ideally? Together we strengthen your mindset, work on your presentation and strengthen your charisma to achieve the best possible result!


Mae Mani Participant

“Thank you for this wonderful journey with wonderful women and you as a guide. It came at the right moment for me – I feel clearer in my vision and motivated to continue on my path of self-employment. I really enjoyed tackling the worldly challenges with energetic work and I am mega excited for the upcoming offerings. Thank you Denise!”

Embodiment Meditationen

“Thank you, dear Denise. It was really super empowering and I really appreciated your motivating and clear way. The embodiment meditations were so empowering! Great experience.”

Coaching Participant

“The coaching touched me very much and absolutely surprised me- it went deep, it was concrete and inspiring. Simply wonderful! I’m looking forward to the next round.”

WATER IS LIFE Participant

“I was there in the first round! I invited two friends to join me at the same time. The sessions were very encouraging and liberating for me – I didn’t regret it at any moment.”

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me and we will discuss all further possibilities personally. Via my Calendly you can directly make an appointment for a free initial consultation.